Whole Wood Cabins Eldorado

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Whole Wood Cabins Eldorado is a spacious cabin kit featuring a quaint design, solid wood structure and quality craftsmanship. The do-it-yourself cabin provides a dynamnic destination whether for a fun-filled gathering, a relaxing retreat or for your own tiny home.

The outside overhang provides a small outdoor porch supplementing the interior space and providing protection from the elements.

The environmentally sound house can be easily assembled with a couple of individuals in a relatively short period of time. A guided video and instruction guide provides the details on the installation process.

Product features include:

  • Easy to build DIY kit
  • High quality Nordic wood
  • Floor area: 291 Sq. Ft; inside dimensions 11′3″ x 12′10″; 11′3″ x 12′10″
  • Wall height:  7′10″
  • Wall thickness: 1-3/4″

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